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Teams Expert Workshop
Efficiency Freaks! Do you love shortcuts (ever tried Microsoft button + N,)? Do you hate copy and pasting long links into chat’s and emails? Do you like being more digitally efficient than your colleagues? Your opportunity has arrived: a next-level training on all the options of Teams by the Microsoft O365 team. O365 will give...
IJmuiden MLE
Omdenken Workshop
September 7, 2020
The Omdenken Show is a 75-minute interactive, inspirational and humorous online webinar that inescapably illustrates the differences between yes-but and yes-and thinking. It also irrefutably proves the benefits of flip-thinking: innovation, creativity and inspiration. It’s the ultimate mix of theatre, comedy and lecture. There’s room for 125 interested Magnet members, first come, first serve, so subscribe...
IJmuiden MLE
Lunch lecture with Aernout van Citters about ‘Pensioenfonds (new pension contract)
September 10, 2020
On the 3rd of September, we will host a new Lunch Lecture. This time focused on the latest insights of the new pension contract and its impact on the various generations. Last year we had a lecture around pensions in general. Recently a newly agreed contract was approved in the House of Commons, which will impact our generation...
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