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IJmuiden MLE
JobSwap Royal FloraHolland
Engie, Royal FloraHolland an Tata Steel have joined hands to organise a series of exchange visits this year. These JobSwap events will give you the opportunity to learn more about how other industries address common challenges. The first visit will be organised by Royal FloraHolland. Royal FloraHolland organises the international marketplace for flowers and plants...
October 18, 2019
Magnet has partnered up with DICE to make real impact! This years’ think thank has transformed into: “Stop thinking start doing tank”. Do you want to work in a team, and have you always dreamed about fast proof concepting? This is your chance! How does it work: How to start innovating? Choose one of the...
IJmuiden MLE
Lunch Lecture: Current financial situation
October 24, 2019
Jos Uijterwaal will elaborate on the current financial situation of Tata Steel. He will explain how we got into this situation and how we can influence it for the better. So are you interested in a deepdive on the financial performance of our company, subscribe now!
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