The great initiatives undertaken by the Magnet

By now, the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has infected nearly every continent, forced countries into states of emergency, sent individuals into varying levels of quarantine and isolation, and shuttered businesses and schools worldwide. In response to that, there’s a lesser-known story that also deserves attention: The great initiatives undertaken by the Magnet: The Young Professionals of Tata Steel – to support our company, our colleagues, and our community.

I would like to highlight a couple of these initiatives:

1. Caring for Seniors

Necessary as it is, isolating or having to quarantine our seniors’ community comes with a price. Many seniors’ social connections provide the enjoyment they need for a fulfilling life. The Magnet’s members wrote personal letters to 125 homes in the local seniors’ community and provided 250 bunches of locally grown tulips!

2. Young Professional Engagement

Organizing activities specifically designed to engage and empower the YPs within Tata Steel, such as: TED Talks, a virtual yoga session, online pub quizzes, and a Heineken live tasting.

Thanks to all local Magnet boards and its members!

Together we make the difference.

Martin Mathot
Chair of the MagCo Board

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