Last Friday we held our third annual UK Symposium, this is our largest professional event of the year.


We welcomed over 90 guests and speakers, from Tata Europe and several external Companies and Universities, we spent the day discussing all things Industry 4.0.


Dr Cinzia Giannetti, from Swansea Uni, taught us about what Industry 4.0 is and the technologies and applications that have evolved over the last decade.


We also heard from Walton, Alisdair talking all things internet of things and the ongoing innovation projects with in Tata.


We paired this with a ‘dragons den’ style team activity to come up with a product or process that would utilize the technologies we learnt about to combat real issues and problems we are facing in Tata. It was great to see our young professionals from across different sites and departments working together to help solve common problems we face across site.


We had an active lunch break, with four classrooms set up to allow us to learn more about the ongoing work we are currently doing and to hear from external companies that are currently working alongside Tata engineers.


Thank you to our Advanced Analytics team for show cases your brilliant work and to the Design Office for demonstrating the amazing application of VR in crane driver training.


We also learnt a lot about Prime Metals and their use of laser scanning, 3D printing and VR which have been used in some of our large scale projects, like the BF life extension. We were also joined by Sense Eye, who utilize sensors for predictive maintenance which is currently being used in the Cold Mill.


In the afternoon, we undertook the team vision step from the SOE Process, where we discussed the direction that we, the young professionals, want to see the business heading and how we can get there over the course of our careers. Thank you to Bernadine, Sian, Kemp, Richard & Weeks, Stephen for coaching us, we are excited to see the output of the session.


We also heard from Lecturer Julie Hayward, from UWTSD, who delved into the issues around AI and human work force and the importance of soft skills and leadership.


We finished the day with a panel discussion with members from senior management, this was great to hear about their careers, thoughts on industry 4.0 and the challenges we face. Thank you for your time and input Brunnock, Martin, Peter Jones , Baker, Laura & Cartwright, Dean


A massive thank you to Everson, Amy for hosting the day for us, and thank you to all who attended and helped facilitate the day, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

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