Magnet Young Professionals of Tata Steel

The Magnet aims to empower the Young Professionals of Tata Steel Europe to be future leaders and specialist by bringing them in contact with each other and adding to their personal and professional development by means of organising fun and inspirational events.

In order to achieve this, the Magnet organisation consists of different locations with their own board. These boards organise local events, such as lunch lectures, TED Talks, CSR, sports or cultural activities. The overarching board is the Magnet Committee (MagCo), which is the board of Magnet Europe. They coordinate the European events, manage the budget and align policies, plans and events between the Netherlands, UK, and downstream locations in Europe. The board consist of the MagCo chair, MagCo secretary and MagCo treasurer, plus the chairs from the local boards in IJmuiden and Port Talbot. The chairs of the European events have temporary seats in the MagCo.

By organizing cross European events and giving Young Professionals the opportunity to visit other locations and meet people from different sites and departments, the international character of the company will be increased and it will help strengthen ties between the UK, Netherlands and DSO. The events always have a professional character so the participants can learn and develop. Above all it’s fun to take part in one of the events.

Twice a year, a breakfast or lunch with the Executive Committee of Tata Steel in Europe is organized, where a theme is discussed that comes from the Young Professionals themselves. A great opportunity to meet the leaders of the company, hear their opinions and stories and share thoughts.