Customer visit MLE – SAB-Profile

On the 7th of February, about 20 Magnets left Tata Steel to go to SAB-Profile in IJsselstein and Nieuwegein. SAB-Profile (named for Sybrandus Adrianus van Bentum) is a company that delivers sustainable, innovative products and services for metal roof and wall systems, sandwich panels, profiled cladding and flashings. Arriving at the company, we had a warm welcome by André de Jongh who explained a bit of the history and products of SAB-Profile.

In over 40 years, some things have stayed the same, but a lot has changed. This led to the current broad palette of prize-winning products (for instance Innovista winner Colorcoat Prisma!) and services. Did you know that (although it may sound trivial) SAB makes sure that roofing panels are delivered with the right side up? This makes assembly at the construction site a lot easier.

William Borgstein explained better to us how Tata Steel and SAB work together with customers to find the optimal solution to each construction challenge. He showed us a lot of examples where products of Tata Steel and SAB were used and their unique selling points (e.g. unrivalled UV and corrosion resistance).

We were shown around the production facility where everything run smoothly and well organized. It was very interesting to behold the gradual change of a strip into a liner tray or a box that will hold polyurethane insulation. Seeing the differences between a product where the polyurethane adhered well to the steel profile and one where it did not, made it clear for everyone whether a product should pass quality control.

After being shown the production processes, we had a tour to a few buildings that made use of SAB’s products, so we could see the result of all the work that had been put in. During the visit and the dinner at the end of the day there was time to meet fellow Magnet members in a more informal setting which improved the team spirit and gives a better impression of the rest of Tata’s activities. All in all this made for a very informative and rewarding day.

by Rik Mestrom (process technologist HSM2)

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