DSO Midlands Event

This quarter we had an amazing 2 days event held in Midlands, as part of Magnet DSO event’s agenda. The event had nearly 30 attendees from many locations where they visited and engaged with Warwick university and Steelpark. They learned about Rapid Plant Assessment (RPA) and how to put into practice, current researches findings and challenges, emerging technologies, and visited the Warwick Manufacturing Group (WMG) complex where we saw state of the art engineering equipment such as SEM Microscopes.

All the above was achieved by a great work from our DSO Ambassador Bhavika Koliyabandara. Thank you for your effort and thank for all attendees to come along.

  1. Sianadmin

    Great event, thank you for the opportunity

  2. pietro francinetti admin

    Well done Bhavika for organizing!

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