Magnet has partnered up with DICE to make real impact! This years’ think thank has transformed into: “Stop thinking start doing tank”.

Do you want to work in a team, and have you always dreamed about fast proof concepting? This is your chance! How does it work:

How to start innovating?

  • Choose one of the challenges, or do your own proposal.
  • Work in a team together with the business.
  • Fast Proof of Concepting. 3 phases: Ideation, PoC, Demo.
  • Option to use the DICe Startup Network to build the PoC.
  • Demonstrate your product & Learnings.

Congrats, you have unleashed entrepreneur in yourself

  1. CPR AI. How to control quality of binding-steelstraps for operations so that manual sample checks are not needed?
    “Every shift, the binding straps need to be controlled for quality of the bindings so that the coil is properly held together. Faulty straps can lead to serious injury and even death, which is why they need strict control. CPR uses a pull-tensile test to decide if the straps are on-spec. If a strap fails the test, all coils since the last test need to be re-processed leading to production loss.”
  2. VR for Safety Centre. How to train safety situations for employees so that the quality of the training increases?
    “At the safety centre, employees need to pass a test to gain access to the Tata steel terrain. This test is generic and often has mismatches with the role of the employee. e.g. operators get the same test as office workers. The safety centre wants to enhance their tour by replacing the road-safety stand with a VR training in WARP VR ”
  3. IoT Afschakelen. How to safely switch off production installations for maintenance so that it has automatic and fast control of all switches and precautions?
    “During operations, an installation needs to be switched off safely for operators and maintenance engineers to perform tasks on the machinery safely. This process involves procedures that are prone to mistakes leading to unsafe situations. Also, the speed of manual checking the switches and correcting mistakes makes for time-loss in production. ”
  4. WB2 Drones. How can we automize inspection rounds in a dirty and dangerous environment like the WB?
    “Operators have to do an inspection round once every shift in a dirty and dangerous environment at the Hot Strip Mill.”
  5. Remote Assistance. How can we connect operator to operator or operator to supplier through audio and video in our factories?
    “Because operators and suppliers need to physically come over to deliver help or consultation there is time loss in certain situations (f.e. during line stops). If we could find a way to connect operator to expert immediately this could  save large amounts of time and costs.”
  6. Your own idea.

After signing up for one of the challenges, we will let you know who your team members are! In the middle of October there will be a kick off session, in the mid of November there will be a coaching session with DICE and in the end of December (before Christmas) final presentations will take place. In between you can work as long (or as short) on your concept as you like.


Do you want to unleash the entrepreneur in yourself?


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