Symposium – The Customer of the Future

This year the Magnet will organise the yearly Symposium at Friday the 30th of March. With developments in technology, circular economy and the changes of customer demands with reference to the TATA Steel Centenial slogan sustainable in every sense, the topic of this year’s Symposium is: “The customer of the future”.

Is your company ready for the future? This question will be answered by professionals, professors and politicians. Plenary sessions will be hold in the morning and afternoon. But this is not all, participants will elaborate the future customer experience in workshops and are able to question professionals during the panel discussion, hosted by Jort Kelder.

One only needs to look at businesses to know that technology has given customers a platform to voice their opinion and exchange their stories. In relation to circular economy and sustainability, these developments have evolved in such an extent that it has become obligatory for companies to consider them in their strategies.

Therefore, this Symposium will bring together companies, customers and young professionals to learn, discuss and share information about key aspects of customer experience. All young professionals from Tata Steel are welcome, so join us to inspire and discuss the Future Customer.

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