Theme Retreat – Next level steelmaking: Industry 4.Safe

Drones supplying iron ores, intelligent cranes moving massive ladles of molten steel, quantum computing, nuclear fusion… It all will improve our industry and safety in the future. Imagine a steel plant that is entirely remote controlled or intelligent algorithms that perform all the logistics. Although this all sounds great, it will not be available tomorrow.

To boost our performance and the safety of our people we need tools that are up for grabs today. Think of tools for tomorrow like gamification to improve involvement of employees and accessible methods to quickly impact the safety culture.

Together with 30 Magnet members you will spend an interactive day learning more about tools that are established but not yet implemented to the full potential at Tata Steel. Internal and external speakers will present their initiatives on gamification and safety. These presentations will be alternated with workshops to learn more about the use of these tools. The day will be concluded with a fun activity.

The day can be registered as “Dienstreis” so no reason to miss this inspiring event!

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