Health and Safety Challenge

Magnet are about to pilot a four Week Health and Safety challenge to promote health and well-being not only within your working lives, but your personal lives too and great for kick starting those new years resolutions!

What is it? A four week challenge; the aim is to engage as many people as you can in Health, Safety and Well-being activities! These activities can be anything from attending a Ted talk in work or having a positive safety conversation, to walking the dog or reading a book.

Who can you engage during the challenge? Anyone! Family, Friends and colleagues – it doesn’t matter – the more the merrier!

What do you need to do? Just keep track of the activities you do, and the number of people that take part!

How does the points system work? You get a point for every activity you do, and additional points for every other person you get involved in the activity – the more people – the more points you get!

Teams will be competing for the glory (as well as a few prizes of course).


Are you up for the challenge?

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