Magnet Symposium MLE – Intrapreneurship: the road to 2050 starts with you! II/II

On the 5th of April the Magnet Symposium MLE took place, the overall theme of this day was: Intrapreneurship – the road to 2050 starts with you. Jelmer Schut – Improvement Consultant Downstream Operations – shares his experience of the day with us:

“With the focus on developing and implementing new initiatives within established organisations, a group of 250 enthusiastic and diverse participants set out on a high-paced crash course to fulfill this goal. A perfect balance between speakers educating the audience and break-out sessions to test your newly acquired knowledge was set throughout the day. With speakers from established well-known companies, self-made entrepreneurs and up-and-coming start-ups, a complete view of successful business models and perspectives were shown. Overall it was an invigorating, informative and well-organised day.

A big shout-out goes out to the symposium team for realising such an interactive, well-managed, engaging and interesting day.”

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