Magnet Symposium MLE – Intrapreneurship: the road to 2050 starts with you! I/II

On Friday the 5th of April the Magnet Symposium took place. This year’s theme was ‘Intrapreneurship: the road to 2050 starts with you’. Intrapreneurship, i.e. corporate entrepreneurship, means behaving as an entrepreneur within a big company such as Tata Steel. With this focus, the symposium aimed at inspiring the participants to work on bottom-up initiatives in their daily job and encourage the dare-to-fail attitude.

During the day, 250 young professionals – of which 70 external YP’s – got inspired by enthusiastic speakers from different companies, such as Google, Dopper, Hardt Hyperloop, former minister Ronald Plasterk and our own CTO Ernst Hoogenes. Subsequently, they developed new ideas under supervision of senior Tata Steel staff, thereby challenging the relevant sub themes ‘Future Workforce’, ‘Sustainable Products’, ‘Sustainable Services’ en ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’.

The symposium was a big success. Young professionals, speakers and seniors all left the symposium enthusiastic and inspired. Adam Cietak, Hoofd Heavy Vehicle Sales: “I enjoyed this day– from meeting new people from within and outside TSE to working on an challenging assignment!”

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