Magnet Symposium UK – Sustainable in every sense

Sustainability was the topic of choice at a recent symposium which saw employees come together to hear the challenges the business faces on its sustainability commitments.

Magnet professionals from across the UK, MLE and DSO were joined by senior managers who were able to add their insights to an enjoyable and thought-provoking forum.

One of the organisers, Beth Carnegie said: “The theme for this year’s symposium was ‘sustainable in every sense’ and covered a diverse range of topics by speakers from across Tata Steel.  There were also experts on hand from a number of institutions who were able to offer their academic insights during the day.

“We had a very successful first symposium last year and wanted to build on that by including as many colleagues from across the UK.  There were also colleagues from IJmuiden too which was awesome as it provided a really nice range of skills and knowledge.”

Topics covered: sustainable sourcing, lean thinking, circular economies, supply chain, resource management and sustainable manufacturing.

There were several breakout rooms to showcase several topics including virtual reality and its benefits, innovative concepts from Swansea University’s SPECIFIC team and videos on a circular economy.

Beth added: “While the topic of sustainability was the key focus, the day also offered colleagues to mix and network with people from a range of disciplines and backgrounds.”

“I want to say a big thank you to all our speakers and we hope to see everyone at the next symposium in 2020.”

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