Magnet 30-year anniversary

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Bring your own-Breakfast with ExCo, 31 October 09:00 – 10:00
Location: Dudok Huis Restaurant
No own expenses
Application deadline: 28th of October 2019

Join your fellow Magnet young professionals for breakfast with the Executive Committee and senior management of Tata Steel Europe. A great way to connect and learn about different functions in our company!

Lustrum Day!
1st of November 2019, All day

Rally – Hit the road!11:00 – 16:30
Start and finish at Dudok Huis
Own expense: €25,- per person
Application deadline: 18th of October 2019

During this day you will team up for a full rally stage, which will lead your team to not only the most scenic places Noord-Holland has to offer but also the history of Steel in the IJmond. Furthermore, this first annual rally event will be powered by one of our key automotive clients, who will supply luxurious cars for the rally. The best teams will battle for the prestigious ‘IRON Rally Cup’ trophy, so who’s the best rally driver? Lunch, drinks & bites afterwards are provided.

Be aware only a limited number of cars will be available, so first come first serve! Of course, you can join the rally with your own car. Create a team with your fellow Magnet members, a maximum of 4 persons per team is allowed for the cars provided by the organisation.

Lustrum Party20:30 – 02:00
Location: Amsterdam
Own expense: €55,- per person
Dress code: Fancy!
Application deadline: 11th of October 2019

The best way to end a day full of excitement is an evening full of excitement. Put on your best fancy dress or suit, because no one is against a bit of luxury, right? Dance the night away on the beats of our own Tata Steel Big Band, and enjoy the open bar together with your fellow Magnet members and all +1’s, they are more than welcome!

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