Maubeuge Site at the Magnet Strategy Workshop

Me and my colleagues were very proud to represent the Maubeuge Site at the Magnet Strategy Workshop. Firstly, we took the opportunity to visit the DSP and HDGL2 in IJmuiden. After the tours we attended the Magnet Strategy Workshop. If I had to summarise this event with two words I would say Great Opportunity.

We got the opportunity to meet people, exchange opinions and learn about the new strategy of Tata Steel Europe. Moreover, it was very inspiring to go out from daily activities and discuss TSE’s new Strategy and to brainstorm together with the Board members of Tata Steel.

From a professional point of view I do think that we are lucky to have the Magnet organisation as it gives the opportunity to build a wide network and develop our talent. That’s why we are enthusiastic to join other Magnet events and promote Magnet at the French sites.

by Jérémy Degraeve – Supply Chain & Logistics Manager Maubeuge, France

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