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The Magnet puts a lot of effort in organizing events for its members. Late cancellations for an event can negatively influence the success of an event. On the one hand, too few participants are present at the event, on the other, it negatively impacts the image of The Magnet (and therefore Tata Steel), especially for external events. Also, The Magnet and its committees put a lot of effort in organizing activities.

To avoid late cancellations the following rules will apply from April 2019 onward:

Cancelling should be done at least one week (7 days) before the activity. This time can be used to look for other participants.

In case of late cancellation the following consequences will apply (unless you find a replacement yourself):

  • Costs made for an activity will be charged on the participant;
  • In case of a valid reason for cancellation, the participant can ask the Magnet MLE board for an exception on the following rules;
  • For the next event, applying a selection/lucky draw of participants, you are always the last one to be selected;
  • In case that the above rules do not suffice, the Magnet MLE board decides on sanctions to be applied.