Realising I’m part of a big and diversified company

“I was in a warehouse in Turkey where a Dutch colleague and I were trying to figure out the grades, source sites and destinations for each of the coils on the stack. It was an interesting exercise and through the process we exchanged information that we were unaware of before.”  This is a snapshot from a Magnet foreign trip to Turkey – a diverse group of young professionals located in different countries but putting their heads together with a common purpose. “Personally, Magnet has offered me outstanding opportunities since I joined this company.”

“It’s not just focused internally within the company, Magnet Symposiums will expose you to the very best from the external world. In the Symposium ‘Future of Heavy Industry in Europe’, young professionals from leading companies shared their ideas, as well as a member of the parliament sharing a different perspective.”

“Travelling is a by-product of the Magnet events, the main product is change of perception and appreciation of the steel industry. Facts told me I am a part of a big and diversified company but Magnet has made me realise that.”

by Abul Chowduy – Demand Planning Llanwern House, UK

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