Resilience – the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties – by Nia Singleton

As a steelworker, it’s a topic I think our business knows inside-out! We’re a resilient workforce, I know that for sure. We often face difficult situation head on, no more so than during this pandemic, where we have been tested and proven our mettle and desire to survive and overcome. but when it comes to each of us on an individual level, how resilient are we/you? I’m please to announce that in conjunction with Magnet South Wales the business is hosting a virtual meeting with resilience coach Joanna Poplawska which will cover;

  1. What resilience isn’t- (being resilient doesn’t mean that a person won’t experience difficulty or distress. In fact, the road to resilience is very likely to involve considerable stress. Resilience is also not a personality trait that only some people possess. In fact, the ability to learn resilience is ordinary, not extraordinary, it is  like building muscles)
  2. How to find and nurture your strengths and remember them when life becomes difficult?
  3. Change as part of your resilience strategy.


WHEN – 1.30-2.30pm Friday 26th June. Let us know in the comments if you would like to get involved and you will be added to the Teams Meeting.

On Joanna – “For many years, I have been repeatedly reminded by my two children that I should write a book but it turns out that the quickest way to write a book is not actually write it but to share with people my stories. I am looking forward to  share some of my stories with you. I was born in Poland during communist rule. During my university years martial law was declared and I became part of the student opposition movement.  I emigrated to West Germany in the late 80s.  Sometimes I wonder  how  I ended up living in Buckinghamshire and running a technology organisation! I achieved my aspiration to be  a business owner, a woman leader, a citizen with a voice. For many years I was hesitant to tell my stories but I realised that the more each of us have a voice in the world, the more authentic, inspirational and fair the world can be.”

Look forward to seeing you there *virtually*

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