Shotton Magnet – IATF16949 process

Yesterday afternoon, the Shotton Magnet group held our third ‘masterclass’. In the session¬†Beynon, Nathan¬†gave an overview of the IATF16949 process. This is the international quality standard used by the automotive sector, similar to ISO9001 but more stringent and detailed. The session talked through the core automotive tools that can be used for improving operational excellence and, most relevant to our roles at the moment, how they can be used to reduce the cost of poor quality.

We had 16 attendees from a range of roles including grads, placements, apprentices, engineers and professional roles from the different business units. Afterwards we had a great discussion on how these tools could be deployed within our spheres of influence and the barriers that we would need to overcome.

The event was so good I forgot to get a picture, hence the stock image. We now are looking to act on the discussion alongwith organise the next masterclass. Work is also going on in the background on how to structure our ever growing magnet group to best support the young people on site to develop and advance within the business.

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