Site Visit – Sweden

“Soon after the integration of Downstream Operations to Magnet, my colleagues and myself had the opportunity to take part of the Sweden tour, with both possibility to meet Tata Steel young professionals and discovering fascinating industrial processes. We had the chance to meet and exchange ideas with people from several sectors, countries and business units.

First visit was to Surahammers, electrical steel company part of Cogent Power with an interesting presentation and an open talk concerning the future of the electrical steel market, followed by a visit of the line.
The second visit was to Boliden mine in Garpenberg, where different materials are extracted, especially zinc, which is the primary material to the galvanization process, 13500 tons consumed on Maubeuge site for year 17/18 for instance. We had the opportunity to see the concentrator process where raw material is turned into concentrate before being sent to the smelter for casting into ingots.
After this fascinating visit we went back to Stockholm for dinner which was also a perfect occasion to network.

The second day of the trip was more cultural, we went to the Stockholm Royal Palace which has an interesting architecture. During our visit we were informed that the palace was built in the Middle Ages, destroyed by the fire and rebuilt at the end of the 18th century. Then we flew back to France, with great souvenirs in our minds.

Professionally speaking but also personally we realized how powerful Magnet providing a fantastic opportunity to meet young professionals \ with different backgrounds, to learn from each other but also discover new processes and bring new ideas on site.”

By French Tata Steel colleagues (Hélène, Paul en Moïse) from Maubeuge, France

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