UK Customer visit

20 young professionals from various sites around the UK visited two customers in the West Midlands, Gestamp and Steel and Alloy.

The theme of the visit was Industry 4.0, which encompasses data analytics, A.I. and the Internet of Things (IoT). Essentially, by using A.I., the right data can be delivered to the right personnel in a timely manner, so that decisions/ troubleshooting can be made with greater efficiency. The trip was very insightful, not only about Industry 4.0, but also about how the quality of steel affects their operations. Of the people who visited, we had colleagues in R&D, HR, Engineering, Manufacturing, Technical and Environmental so a real broad mix of disciplines. I hope everyone can take something back with them to their workplace, enjoyed learning more about the customer and how they use steel.

Thank you to Sarah Passmore, Global account manager for putting us in touch with the companies and the pre-workshop giving us an insight into the customers, and to Lucas Zierold for planning the event.

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  1. pietro francinetti admin

    Well done everyone. Feedback from this visit was excellent!

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